Coconut Oil

I have something that can be used in food, for beauty purposes and hygiene, as well as a cure-all for various baby skin ailments:


Coconut Oil

I really never have less than three jars of this goodness in my house because of how many different things I can use it for. It’s packed full of healthy fats that have a nice list of health benefits when consumed. It was previously thought that because coconut oil is high in saturated fat, that it should be avoided altogether. But recent evidence has shown that the fats in this oil are metabolized differently than other saturated fats and it does not harbor the same detrimental effects. Coconut oil can: lower cholesterol, help burn fat, keep your energy up, help to stave off infections, keep you satisfied longer, and boost brain function. Plus, it’s not only good at keeping you healthy, it’s got a long list of uses as well:

-slathered on a baby’s bottom can help cure diaper rash (cloth diaper friendly, yay!)
-cradle cap? no problem! Rub it on, let soak in, then use a baby hairbrush to brush away scales
-instead of using icky lanolin (often contains traces of pesticides), try coconut oil on sore, cracked, and bleeding nipples when breastfeeding
-helps with stubborn yeast rashes on baby’s bottom and mama’s nipples
-because it is natural and so gentle, can be used on baby’s skin if dry
-because of it’s antibacterial qualities, is a great way to help boo-boos heal faster

Beauty and Hygiene:
-ditch the nasty deodorant: mix coconut oil with baking soda, arrowroot powder, and some essential oils for a natural way to beat the stink
-coconut oil is great for dry skin and chapped lips, just slather it on!
-can be used for a detox practice called “oil pulling”: fill up your mouth and “pull” and swish through your teeth for several minutes, then spit out
-a great option for cleaning your face (yes it can help!) Massage onto skin for a few minutes, then wipe off with a warm washcloth
-beat the stretchmarks by rubbing it on your pregnant belly a few times a day
-lovely eye makeup remover
-natural SPF 4 sunscreen
-rub into your hair to stop frizz in it’s tracks

In the Kitchen:
-coconut oil makes a great option in baking and sweet treats because it enhances sweetness
-oils like olive are heat sensitive and will be altered with high heat cooking. Coconut oil can withstand higher heats without it’s chemical structure altered
-wood cutting board? Treat it with coconut oil instead of gross petroleum products…your food goes there!
-season your cast iron too!
-can pretty much be used in anything for a healthy boost!

In the Bedroom:
-makes a great alternative to lube
-use for a yummy smelling massage oil

Any other uses I’m missing?

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