Review: Kokadi Merlin woven wrap

This is the first of a series of posts I will be doing on babywearing. I will be posting reviews on the various carriers that I have tried and/or own. There will also be a Babywearing 101 and a more detailed post on wovens as well.

So on to Merlin! Kokadi Merlin was the first woven wrap that I ever tried. It was a size 2 that I got on sale while I waited for a longer size of another wrap. Before this, I had only wrapped with my Wrapsody Bali Breeze gauze wrap.

Kokadi Merlin is a 50% hemp, 50% cotton blend. It is a black wrap with purple stars. The pattern suits it’s name, it definitely got a magician vibe. In loomstate, this wrap was already pretty smooth and floppy. After a bath, dry, and steam iron, it became even softer. Throughout the few months that I wrapped with it, it became one of the softest and floppiest wraps I have felt to date. The passes were easy to glide into place and it proved to be very moldable.


This is on the thinner side, but at 245 g/m2 it definitely had some weight densely woven in. Due to the weave and design, there was no cush. However, this wrap is not diggy at all with careful wrapping. My 30 pound toddler was quite comfortable in a ruck or robins carry. There was no sag and no stretch, but I did find myself tightening every now and then because the wrap is quite slippery.

For a size 2, Merlin was loooong and wide. It was nearly as long as a size 3 and the widest out of all my wraps at 30 inches. I was even able to squeeze out a kangaroo with my tall boy. I was concerned that it would be too wide for a newborn or smaller baby, but a friend’s newborn had no problem snuggling into a new sew ring sling with Merlin.

Merlin width compared to Silver Lining Slings Pipe Dream Shiro and FireSpiral Midwinter

I would recommend this wrap for both beginners and experienced wrappers. It’s easy to wrap with and it’s dense weaving makes it easy to care for and not pull prone. It’s snuggly soft, thin, dense, and wide. We loved it!

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