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Natibaby Linen Blend


Natibaby is a machine woven wrap company based out of Poland. They make a ton of wrap in various designs and blends and are very easy to get. The price point on the low to average side of the spectrum and it’s very easy to get one below retail on a Facebook swap.
This particular wrap is a 70% cotton, 30% linen blend. Brand new, in loom state, it was quite stiff and cardboard-like. A wash and steam iron helped to make a bit more floppy, but linen wraps typically need quite a bit breaking in before reaching their potential. Once broken in, Natibaby linen blends are very soft and floppy. After some work to get it softer, it became more moldable as well. Overall, this wrap is soft and easy to wrap with.
The pattern is quite lovely, one side has rainbow hearts with a grey background and the other has the opposite. It’s subtle and seems to have a nice shine to it in certain light. Although the design is on the busier side, it didn’t affect the glide to grip ratio very much. This wrap glides easily into place. When linen blends like this are newer, the roughness of the fabric creates grip. But as it breaks in, it will become less grippy and more slippery.
This wrap is thin and dense. The pattern is not very raised and the threads are tightly woven enough where I cannot see it pulling very easily. For me personally, I found it to be a bit diggy on the shoulders with my big toddler. Linen blends are great for heavy babies, but I do not typically like the hard shoulder feel, so this is a personal preference. It is very supportive and there was no stretch or sag.
I would recommend this wrap for a beginner. It’s very easy to wrap with and Natibaby linen blends are everywhere for great prices. This is a perfect toddler wrap because it is so supportive, but broken in, I can see it to be lovely with a newborn.
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