Review: Silver Lining Slings Pipe Dream Shiro

Silver Lining Slings Pipe Dream Shiro
Silver Lining Slings is an American woven wrap company that is famous for their wraps spun with actual silver. I’ve never tried one as these particular wraps are quite expensive and hard to find. But their other lines of wraps are at a nice price point and much more attainable. One of these is the lovely Pipe Dream Shiro. It’s made out of American pima cotton, making for a deliciously luxurious feel. It softened up a bit with each use, and I could see it only getting more marshmallowy soft as it’s broken in. The design was inspired by traditional Japanese kimono designs and it’s quite lovely and unique. Although it’s a bit hard to see on this natty wrap, it gives it a nice, grippy texture. Knots held well, making it a great shorty contender.
Pipe Dream Shiro is a beast of a wrap. It comes in at a whopping 340 g/m2 and feels thick and heavy in hand. This thickness makes for an extremely cushy feel on the shoulders which was great for my heavy toddler. The texture and thickness of this wrap made it a bit difficult to tighten and wrap with, but once it was put into place, it stayed there. There was no stretch or sag, this thing was solid.

Pipe dream shiro is meant for experienced wrappers and shines as a shorty for larger babies and toddlers (or preschoolers). Longer sizes would be a bit much, but with a well broken in wrap I can see it to be a rock solid marshmallow (and yes, that will make sense once you try it). Newborns and smaller babies would be eaten by this wrap, so I wouldn’t recommend it for them. But if you have a chunky baby causing ruck straps to dig into your shoulders, this is the wrap for you.

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