Review: Didymos Mystic Petrol OS 1975

After hearing great things about Didymos in general, as well as specifically their Indios, I decided it was time to try one out. So when they rereleased a well loved classic, I ordered one.

Didymos woven wrap company is THE woven wrap company. As in, the first major woven wrap company. Erika Hoffmann founded Didymos is 1972 because she needed a solution to make caring for two small children easier. Didymos continues to make top quality woven wraps that are both collected and admired. I notice many other companies rising and falling pretty quickly, but Didymos remains very popular, and for good reason. Although they make a variety of wraps, nothing else wraps like the Indio weave.

In loomstate, this wrap literally stands by itself. It is 70% cotton and 30% hemp, so the hemp fibers were particularly stiff and scratchy. It softened up enough to be nice and moldable, but this wrap needs some serious breaking in. However, once broken in, mystic will be one of the softest wraps you will feel. It has a lovely texture that will help to keep it in place, but passes are not difficult at all. In fact, this wrap was probably the easiest to wrap with out of the wovens that I have tried. It acted like a second skin gave me a perfect wrap job every time, feeling wet and fluid.

The design is the original indio pattern. Due to the complexity of the colors within the weave, it tended to look pretty different depending on what light we were in, but the above is fairly true to color. The mixture of the white, blue, and “petrol” colors make this a lovely turquoise, blue.

Mystic is a very, very thin wrap. It’s comes in at just 190 g/m2, so it folds up pretty small and is lightweight. There is no cush and quite a bit of stretch. I found myself reaching for it when the weather was hot, because of it’s light and airy qualities. I was hoping that, because it is a hemp blend, it would be supportive. However, I found it to be both diggy and very saggy with my large toddler. Granted, he’s 30 pounds of solid boy. But for short periods, this was comfortable because it was light and easy to wrap with.

Indios are pretty special because nothing wraps quite like them. Mystic was a lovely wrap to play with. I would recommend this for beginners and small babies because it is easy to wrap with and very soft and moldable. It is not supportive enough for big kids, as I found personally, but it’s workable. This light, thin, and airy wrap is also perfect for hot weather.


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