Review: Smitten Vena Cava Coracinus

Smitten is an amazing new wrap company in the U.S. They send their wraps in recycled and biodegradable packaging and they even include a children’s book that was going to be just thrown out! Think they stop there? Nope. A portion of the sales of the Vena Cava line go to the Save a Child’s Heart organization. Their wraps are also budget friendly and truly amazing to wrap with.

Ok, on to the review of the actual wrap. Vena Cava is 100% cotton and has a very cute heart design made up of ecru and black. I found myself preferring the “wrong side” out, with the white hearts and black background, but they are both very nice. It is densely woven and not very pull prone, so I can see this being a great everyday, no fuss wrap.

Brand new, it was only mildly stiff, so after it’s first bath and steam iron, it became quite dry, soft and floppy. With some love, this will get flannely soft. The design gave this wrap decent grip, although it did not seem to make wrapping too difficult. With more breaking in, it will get more glide, but this wrap will most definitely stay in place and hold a knot well.

It is on the medium side, coming in at 260 g/m2. Both the design and weight of this wrap give it a nice amount of cush. Once again, despite being both grippy and a bit thicker, it is fairly easy to wrap with. The nice stretch and bounce that it has make it’s a pleasure to wrap with and to wear, especially with large children. My big toddler happily bounced into the wrap, but there was no sag or dig whatsoever.

Smitten is a great company doing some pretty wonderful things for the community, so that alone would make me recommend this company. But their wraps are truly special and a pleasure to wrap with. They are good for both beginners and experienced wrappers alike. Broken in, it would make a nice squish wrap, but I think Smitten really shines with a large baby. The grippiness would make it a good shorty as well as a great beater wrap. But it was great to snuggle into a base size. All around, you can’t go wrong with whatever you choose.

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