Review: Wrapsody Bali Breeze Morgaine

The Wrapsody company makes water slings, gauze wraps, and hybrids. Their gauze wraps are hand dyed with baby safe dyes in Bali under fair trade conditions. They designs are breathtaking and the colors are all so saturated and lovely. Because they are also affordable, this was my very first wrap and baby carrier.
Morgaine arrived very stiff and scratchy, and remained pretty rough for several months. This takes some elbow grease to get soft. Wrapsody’s breeze wraps are the thinnest on the market. They are super light and airy and THE wrap to have if you live in a hot climate. However, because the wrap is so thin and light, there is a weight limit of 35 pounds. The roughness didn’t seem to bother little Dominik, and this was absolutely perfect for his first summer, especially because we did not have air conditioning.
The design and colors were very bright and absolutely lovely. It had mermaids, turtles, and other ocean/tropical patterns. This is a dyed wrap, so there was no added texture from the design. The weave itself is plain and very airy.


This was very easy to wrap with and moldable. Dominik felt secure and the knots held well. There is no cush and just a tad bit of stretch. As a newborn, this was fine, I really didn’t need any cush. However, as he got bigger, it got less comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. By the time Dominik was about a year old, I was just too narrow and thin for us.
I would recommend this wrap for smaller babies that live in a hot climate. There are certainly softer wraps for newborns, but if you don’t want to end up a sweaty mess, this is a great choice. I just recommend breaking it in a bit before use to work out some of the scratchiness.


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