Review: BabyHawk Mei Tai

After we outgrew the gauze wrap that we had been using since birth, I was curious about a carrier that I could use quickly and easily. A mei tai seemed like a great choice to try out, and it proved to be super handy and easy to use.

BabyHawk is a U.S. company that makes their products in Oceanside, California. At the time, we were living nearby, so I was pretty excited about that. They have premade options that are made with lovely fabric and patterns often rotate. They even have an option where you can design one yourself with your choice of pattern on both sides (so it can be reversible), strap length, and strap color.

Like all canvas based carriers, it is pretty stiff brand new, but it softens up a bit with use. It will never be as soft and floppy as some of my wraps, but I feel like something like this should stay pretty sturdy. It was easy to care for and could just be thrown in the wash when needed. The pattern was a nice floral pattern that I chose because it was on sale. But it seems to be a nice neutral that went with most of my wardrobe

Wearing it was fairly comfortable. The waist knot dug into my back, so I often had to move and adjust that. I found it nicer to wear a bit lower on my body, but that was personal preference (note that this is ok with an older baby, but smaller babies should be nice and high). The straps had some padding which gave nice shoulder cush. As Dominik got larger, it was harder to keep the straps into a comfortable place on my shoulders and back, but I could easily use this for long periods.

When putting this on, the straps got pretty dirty from the ground, but as stated before, this carrier is no fuss and easily washed. That option was nice because Dominik LOVED to chew on the straps. He was already pretty big, so he fit very easily into the mei tai. But with a smaller baby, it may not feel very secure. Rolling up the waist band would most certainly help, but I feel like it may not be snuggly and secure enough for a squish.

Overall, I would recommend a BabyHawk Mei Tai for a beginner or experienced babywearer who was looking for an easy to use and care for everyday carrier. It was comfortable on the shoulders and because it was tied and not buckled, it was easier to get a snug fit than in a soft structured carrier.

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