Review: Pavo Granite Etini

Pavo is a U.S. based woven wrap company that is known for making high quality and pretty amazing wraps. Some of their wraps are very highly sought after and go for a hefty chunk of change. After using Pavo Granite Etini, I can say I truly get the hype. They have two lines of wraps, form and guild. Form tends to be more accessible and more affordable, but there’s really nothing “budget” about them. Form are still high quality wraps and have differing and amazing wrapping qualities. Guild are the more expensive, more intricate, and more “specialty”.

Granite etini, or affectionately called “granitini”, is from the Guild line. Out of all the etinis, this is the most beastly and thickest. I was not able to try it loomstate, but have heard that it required breaking in. When I got it, it was very soft and floppy but most certainly thick. The design, particularly in person, is breathtaking. The pattern is woven intricately into a serious work of art. The only downside to this, is that it was very pull prone. I felt like if I looked at it wrong, it would pull. But pulls didn’t seem to matter when I was using it, because it was just so good.

Granitini comes in at 372 g/m2, making it VERY thick and heavy. This translated into a ton of shoulder cush. Dominik, at 30 pounds, was nearly weightless. Knots were a bit of a struggle, partially due to the texture, but it was surprisingly easy to wrap with. I felt like the passes all wrapped tightly, it did not feel as thick as it was when wrapped. It had a nice wet fluidity that I feel helped it to wrap more easily. Well broken in, it is possible to use with a squish, but this is most definitely a toddler wrap.

What was truly magical about this wrap, was the stretch. Despite being so thick, granitini had this lovely ace bandage stretch that never turned into sag. Dominik could snuggle in and let the wrap hug his body, but it remained incredibly solid and supportive. It had all the support and cush of Natural Hemp India by Didymos, but was easier to wrap with and more comfortable because of this lovely Pavo stretch.

I would recommend this wrap to an experienced wrapper with a bigger baby. Wrapping a squish would really only be possible with a broken in wrap and very experienced babywearer. This thick, cushy beast is truly amazing and it will go down as one of my all time favorite wraps.

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