Review: Didymos Turquoise Hemp Indio

Didymos woven wrap company was founded in 1972 by Erika Hoffmann because she needed a solution to make caring for two small children easier. Didymos is still a babywearing staple and a must try for every wrapper. Although they make a variety of wraps, nothing else wraps like the Indio weave.

This is the second hemp indio that I have tried. The first, Mystic Petrol OS 1975, was the original indio weave. Turquoise hemp indio is the newer weave and is the sister wrap to Flamenco Hemp Indio (a very pink color). The color is more saturated in person and a really lovely turquoise. It is 60% cotton and 40% hemp.

These are often described as being the cushiest of the indios because they are nice and thick. This comes in at 270g/m2, so although it is not the thickest wrap, it is a thick indio. I did not try this brand new, but have heard, as with other hemp blends, it required quite a bit of breaking in. By the time I got it, it was buttery soft. I wanted a sweater and sock made out of this because it is so snuggly soft. My first thought was how amazing a newborn would feel in this. Although it was cushy, it did not feel thick in hand or when wrapped. There was a bit of stretch which became sag after about 20 minutes, but it was very comfortable with my toddler. This was a shorty, but I think with a base size that this wrap would be more supportive.

There was a ton of glide and no grippiness because of the smoothness. The fluidity seems to cause the knots to slip a bit with my heavy kiddo, but for the most part they stayed in place. As with all indios, it was very easy to wrap with and molded right to us.

I would recommend this wrap for a beginner or experienced wrapper with smaller babies. It is so soft and would be dreamy with a squish in any size. With a larger child, a base size would be best for maximum support.

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