Pavo Spearmint Etini Ring Sling

After falling in love with Pavo Granite Etini, I really wanted to try another Etini because I had heard that each one was different. Although Spearmint Etini is very similar to Granite, it still felt unique, beautiful, and did not disappoint.

Pavo is a U.S. based woven wrap company with two lines: Form and Guild. Form is a bit more accessible and affordable but still amazing. Guild is their high end, “specialty” wraps with intricate weaves and very unique wrapping qualities.

Spearmint Etini came to me in the form of a ring sling. I was never really a fan of the ring sling because my son was always pretty large and heavy, so it was just too much weight on one shoulder. I preferred as much even support as possible. When I opened the package, my eyes widened and I grinned: this thing SHINES and GLOWS. The color itself is lovely, but it really has shimmer. The intricate weave stood out a lot more than on my Granitini, though both are lovely.

Spearmintini is still very thick and very heavy, coming in at 360 g/m2. It needs breaking in when new, but gets to a point of awesome wet fluidity. The shoulder was a floating, gathered one (meaning the seam was sewn about 9 inches away from the rings) so the term cush would be an understatement. The floating shoulder provided marshmallow clouds on my shoulder. I do have very narrow shoulders, so it took a lot of effort and adjusting to get it just right, but it felt very bulky.

The texture and stretch on this etini are perfect. The texture provided grip in the rings, but it was not difficult to pull it through because of the softness. The stretch never translated to sag with my big boy, but instead hugged us tight. The stretch, I feel, really helped to keep his seat in place.

I would recommend this wrap for experienced wrappers with a larger child, but broken in it would be nice for a newborn. Pavo etini makes the perfect ring sling because of their cush, support, slight stretch, and ring holding texture. Although I still prefer wrapping over the ring sling, I would happily use this daily. Out of all my wraps, this is still the only one Dominik has brought me.


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