Review: Doeck Tulipa Rosso


I had seen this wrap in one of the Facebook babywearing groups and it took me a while to track it down. It was red, my favorite color, and it had an almost retro feel to it. When I finally found out what it was, I was happily surprised that it was on sale.

Doeck is a Dutch woven wrap company started by Anneclaire Hortensius. She is a trained babywearing consultant and has a focus on simple designs and high quality materials.

When it arrived, in loomstate, it was surprisingly soft and floppy. I washed, dried, and steam ironed it and it was already satiny and smooth. The color is incredibly vibrant in person and the truest red that I have ever seen in a wrap. There are simple tulips evenly spaced around the wrap, facing in opposite directions. At first, I wasn’t sure if I liked that not all of the tulips faced in one direction, but after some use I found it pleasing that every carry showed a similar design, no matter how many flips or passes I did. The middle marker is small and only on one side. It’s rather hard to find and I find myself wishing that it was on both sides to make wrapping in the car easier.

This wrap is so soft, almost with a wet, satin like feel. It has a great drape to it, and is very easy to wrap. Passes are easily made and tightening is simple. The design gives a pretty minimal texture to the overall feel of the wrap, and I think this would be a great newborn wrap for that reason. The weave is also very neat and tight, this is a workhorse of a wrap and not pull-prone at all. The weave and feel reminds me of a tighter woven FireSpiral. Despite being smooth, this wrap is not very slippery, and knots hold well.

Tulipa is a medium weight wrap that feels thin in hand. It also seems to fold up really flat and small, which is odd because it does not wrap like a super thin wrap. On the shoulders, it feels nice and solid with no dig. There is really no stretch and my 30 pound toddler was supported for long wears with no sag.

I would recommend this wrap for beginners, experienced wrappers, newborns, and large children… practically everyone. It’s, to me, a perfect all around wrap. It is: soft, beautiful, supportive, medium weight, folds thin, a workhorse, and easy to wrap with. Everyone needs one of these!

Check them out here!

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