Gift Guide: Toddlers

Stuck on what to get the toddler? Last minute shopper like me? Here are my top ten picks for gifts for toddlers (about age 1-3):

  1. Plan Toy Solid Wood Drum: a favorite around here. It makes a lovely range of sounds as well and is a great way to introduce rhythm and music.
  2. Grimm’s Rainbow Stacker: this has been my son’s favorite toy since I bought it nearly a year ago. I found it at a great price and planned on saving it, but Dominik saw it and was instantly attracted to the colors. A work of art that is a stacker and can be used in combination with blocks for exciting new structures. They are light and unfinished which makes stacking easier.
  3. Maple Landmark My Best Blocks: These beautiful blocks were made right here in the U.S. and are smooth and impeccable. They are made of maple hardwood and a bit heavy in hand, but make a great starter block set. They are unfinished and only wood.
  4. Green Toys Submarine: This is the perfect bath toy. It’s made from recycled materials and can both float and dive under water, only to be used to pour it all out. Dominik loves his.
  5. Camden Rose Hardwood Circle Stackers: We have had this for quite a while and he just now starting to use it. The craftsmanship is incredible. What we like most about it is that the rings can be put on in any order.
  6. HABA Rainbow Whirls Pegging Game: This is on our wish list, but this is a puzzle that can be constructed in endless ways. Perfect for developing motor skills and inspiring creativity.
  7. Kathe Kruse Baby Doll: Every child needs a doll that they can use to act out pretend play. Incredibly important for development. Kathe Kruse dolls are excellent quality products and are beautiful.
  8. Tegu Magnetic Wooden Block Set: We have a set all wrapped up ready to go. These blocks have magnets inside them (Looking at them, they look nearly impossible to get out, so I wouldn’t be concerned about the magnets coming out). They stick together in any shapes you can think of.
  9. Uncle Goose Classic ABC Blocks:A classic toy made by an American company. Stack them up high or practice spelling things out.
  10. Janod Forest Chunky Puzzle: Toddlers are just starting to be interested in puzzles and this chunky and easy to use puzzle is perfect. The art is beautiful and the company makes great products.

All of these toys are nontoxic and “green” choices for your little ones. They are also battery free, made with sustainable materials, and open-ended.

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