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I really like having a clean and tidy house. After using the KonMari method to tidy my house, which you can read about here, it has been so much easier keeping my home clean and clutter free. However, with a small child and everyday living, cleaning definitely needs to happen on a regular basis to keep everything tidy.

I have found that instead of devoting a day or two to cleaning, and doing a little everyday, my house stays cleaner and I don’t end up falling behind and stressing out. Plus, if you sometimes get last minute guests, this is a great way to keep your house guest-ready with minimal effort.

I use this general outline in a cleaning calendar that I created. It’s nice to laminate or put in plastic sleeve so that you can check off each item with a dry erase marker. I tend to be a bit obsessive with these sort of things, but having the visual is very helpful and makes cleaning much less daunting and annoying. For your convenience, there is a link for a free printable of the calendar. I tried to keep it as general as possible, but some things may not be applicable. For instance, not everyone has a lawn and since we don’t have carpet, I don’t vacuum.


Free Download Here: Cleaning Calendar

Let’s break it down.


Sunday is less about cleaning and more about preparing and organizing. It’s a day to sort through mail, and plan what needs to be mailed the next day or if bills need to be paid. It’s also a good time to plan for the week ahead. If you know that one day will be super busy, reassign that day’s cleaning to another day. Or just skip it. I also use Sundays to do little mini organizing projects, like resorting the junk drawer.


I usually sweep everyday, but Mondays are all about giving floors a good clean. I like to sweep the house, then mop, then take a swiffer over everything. I like to use the swiffer to give the baseboards a quick dust as well. I don’t have carpet, but if I did, I would vacuum on Monday.


Tuesdays are all about the bathrooms. This includes scrubbing toilets, wiping down counters, cleaning sinks, polishing mirrors, and giving the bathtubs and showers a good clean. It’s also a good time to put away all the toiletries that end up crowding counters.


This is the day to grab a few dust rags and go from room to room just wiping down surfaces and various decor items. This includes desks, shelves, dressers, tchotchkes, picture frames, books, and whatever else is a bit dusty.


Thursdays are all about the laundry that is not everyday clothing or diapers. I wash all the used blankets, dish towels and bathroom towels. I also switch the sheets and put the used ones in the wash. If I have extra time, I like to wash the bath rugs as well.


Because the week usually gets pretty busy, and the kitchen is the most heavily used room in the house, I save this room for the end of the week. It cleans away the hectic week and also gives me the opportunity to figure out how to use up leftovers and unused groceries. I clean the sink, wipe the counter, scrub the stove, wipe down the oven and fridge, and go through the food.


If you don’t have a yard, then it’s a great day to organize or just relax. But around here, Saturdays are for mowing the lawn, tending the garden, and managing any other outdoor upkeep.


Now, I’ll be honest, there are days that I don’t get to clean. But I really try to at least do the dishes, a load of laundry, and pick up the house. It helps to keep everything else manageable in the long run.


Giving the windows a good wipe down really makes a difference in making a room look clean. It let’s in more light and gives off a polished look. It’s also a good idea to wash pillows, comforters, and quilts at least once a month because they get dirty quickly, but go neglected. About once a month, I’ll either do a quick walk through of the house and discard items or I’ll focus on one area, like the closet.


Organizing the garage is something we like to do once a year or so. It doesn’t get messy as quickly as the house, but things pile up or get misplaced. We also change the filter in the air conditioner/heater and the fridge if it needs it. Each appliance gets a little extra attention as well. The oven gets scrubbed and the washer and dishwasher get put through a cleaning run.


I hope this helps to streamline your cleaning and tidying. Especially once you get into the routine, things run smoothly and things stay clean!


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