10 Easy Vegan Toddler Snacks

We go through lots of snacks around here. Dominik is a big snacker and loves to nibble on something every time we go into the kitchen. I usually take a few bites of whatever he is eating since most of my eating is now on the go. With the amount of snacks that we eat, it’s important to have nutritious, delicious, and quick ones.

I’ll be honest, sometimes I just want to pick up a few boxes of grocery store kids snacks and call it a day. But eating plant based snacks that are totally healthy doesn’t require a ton of time. Here are 10 easy vegan toddler snacks:

  1. Fruit: This is our number one snack. It’s easy to grab and eat and packed full of vitamins. We like clementines, oranges, bananas, and berries.
  2. Hummus with vegetables: It’s always a good idea to eat vegetables throughout the day, so eating carrots, cucumbers, and celery as a snack with some high protein hummus. Older toddlers do fine with hard vegetables, but choose softer or cooked vegetables for younger kids.
  3. Pita bread with nut or seed butters: This is one of our favorites because it’s the easiest for Dominik to hold and eat. I spread some nut butter like almond inside a pita pocket and let him munch away.
  4. Toast with coconut oil and cinnamon: My mom used to make me cinnamon toast all the time as a child, and I love sharing that little treat with Dominik. Coconut oil is high in healthy fats for growing brains and pairs nicely with the cinnamon.
  5. Apples with peanut butter: A simple and but well loved pairing. A high dose of vitamins with some healthy fats and proteins makes for a very nutritious snack.
  6. Tortilla chips with guacamole: This is a snack for older toddlers because of the chips, but younger children can have sliced avocado instead. Guacamole is pretty easy to make homemade. I make a really quick version with avocado, lime juice, garlic powder, salt and pepper.
  7. Whole wheat pretzels or crackers: It can be hard to find crackers and pretzels with all natural and sugar free ingredients, but most healthy food stores carry a few choices. We like Mary’s Gone Crackers.
  8. Granola with almond milk: I make big batches of granola to snack on throughout the week. My toddler prefers to eat it with almond milk for a tasty mid-morning snack.
  9. Dried fruit: Raisins, freeze-dried strawberries, and mangoes all make perfect diaper bag snacks that I can keep for out of the house emergencies.
  10. Roasted garbanzo beans: Roasted garbanzo beans in the oven until they are crispy is so delicious. A great alternative to chips. Adding spices like paprika makes these extra special.

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