15 Earth Friendly Children’s Books

Dominik loves books and has quite a few in his collection already. I tried to collect some beloved ones from my own childhood in addition to the random ones we’ve acquired. It’s important to me that the books he reads inspire love, empathy, and help him to learn about the world around him. This includes books to begin his awareness on ecological matters and what he can do to help.

These are 15 great children’s books with a “green” message to inspire love, empathy, and inspiration to save the planet:

The Giving Tree
by Shel Silverstein: The story that we all remember as kids and that still makes us cry as adults. A boy and a tree that continues to give him gifts throughout his life.

One Plastic Bag: Isatou Ceesay and the Recycling Women of the Gambia (Millbrook Picture Books)
by Miranda Paul: Based on the life of Isatou Ceesay, it tells the story of how she helped to clean up her community of harmful plastic bags and reuse them.

The Lorax (Classic Seuss)
by Dr. Seuss: A classic and well loved book that shares a warning not to use up the planet’s resources and to take care of the earth.

George Saves the World by Lunchtime (Eden Project Books)
by Jo Readman: a cute and relatable story about a boy that does what he can (recycling, composting, etc.) to save the planet.

Outside Your Window: A First Book of Nature
by Nicola Davies: A lovely book that helps draw attention to all the nature around us.

Hobbes Goes Home
by Tami Crupi Zeman and Bruce Zeman Jr.: a heart warming story about a dog that is saved from an abusive home and that eventually finds his forever home. A great way to introduce the importance of adopting pets.

One Tree (Green Start)
by IKids: A favorite around here, this board book tells kids about all of the life that occurs within and around a tree.

Curious George Plants A Tree
by Margret and H. A. Rey: Curious George is at it again when he tries to help with recycling and planting trees. A lovely tale of community as well.

When Anju Loved Being an Elephant
by Wendy Henrichs: This story is about an elephant that is captured and forced to work in a circus. A great way to learn about elephants and to grow compassion for these beautiful animals.

A Symphony of Whales
by Steve Schuch: Based on a true story, this books is about a child that helps to gather a community to save thousands of trapped beluga whales.

A Boy and a Jaguar
by Alan Rabinowitz: An amazing book about empathy towards animals. A boy with a stutter gathers the strength to help the jaguars at his local zoo.

Seeds of Change: Wangari’s Gift to the World
by Jen Cullerton Johnson; Also based on a true story, this book tells children about a Kenyan woman who works hard to get an education and to change her home for the better.

Mother Earth and Her Children: A Quilted Fairy Tale
by Sibylle von Olfers: Another favorite around here, a beautifully illustrated tale of the yearly cycle. A charming way to introduce seasons.

The Curious Garden
by Peter Brown: This is about a boy that works to save a garden and ends up spreading nature far into a grey city.

The EARTH Book
by Todd Parr: An awesome, straightforward book for kids about environmental issues and how to help.

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