How Thinking Positive Helps You Thrive

I’m the type of person that focuses on and anticipates the bad in life. Being cynical by nature, along with my own life story, has just made me a pessimistic girl. It’s one of the things that I’m trying to change about myself because that kind of thinking brings everybody down. I know that just the phrase, “Think Positive!” can make us scoff and roll our eyes, because I do it every time, but it’s some pretty darn good advice.

When we think negatively, it has the same effect on our lives. We have a limited point of view, because all of our attention is placed on the bad in our minds. This leads us to missing out from the good that is happening. Also, fear and depression can be paralyzing which prevents us from actions that bring the positive into our lives. With all the wrong parts of our brains triggered, we just continue in the cycle of bad attitudes.

Research is expanding on the power of positive thinking and showing the world that it’s much more than advice from annoyingly chipper people.

Positive thinking…

  • Expands our views. Without negative thoughts getting all the attention, our mind is free to explore other options and possibilities. This, brings in hope and excitement and makes us feel good.
  • Helps us achieve goals. When we approach something with a positive outlook, we are setting ourselves up for success. Even if we fail, positive thinking gives us the motivation to get back up and try again.
  • Solves problems. Positive thinking frees our minds up to think of multiple solutions as well as motivates us to actually attempt them.
  • Is good for the body. Thinking positive alleviates stress. And stress has a long list of negative effects on the body and the brain. So, just a change in attitude alleviates all that stress on our bodies, giving us a little boost in health.
  • Is contagious. Ever have someone be really nice to you and it completely turns around a bad day? Being positive is a fantastic influence on others and spreads the good vibes.
  • Releases good vibes. Speaking of good vibrations, if you believe in universal energy, then positive thinking is just another way of sending positive energy our into the universe.

Positive thinking can be super simple, all it takes is a little mindfulness. The next time you find yourself thinking negative thoughts, take a step back. Are those thoughts actually facts? Are they helping you at all? Replace those thoughts with positive ones and repeat them like mantras until they stick.

Think positive!


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